Our Key Projects

Border Project

150 Km of paved roads including the production and laying if GSB, Base course, and wearing course. The terrain varied from sand dunes, to plateaus and mountainous areas.

Mall of Oman

In the middle of Muscat town, RRS carried out the road works that facilitate the entries and exits to the new Mall Of Oman. Asphalting new roads, asphalting bridges and underpasses, cantilever road signs, road barriers, street lighting, and road marking.

Mawaleh 11 Internal Roads

This is a municipality contract to build 20 Km of paved roads as an extension to an existing urban area. The scope covered earthworks, base course, asphalt wearing course, kerb stones, ducts surface drainage, pedestrian pavements, street lighting and road signs.

Haima Airstrip

This is a 4,000 m long and 50 m wide airstrip in the Wusta region. RRS carried out the asphalt pavement using high performance aggregates in the hot mix. They also carried out the various markings and signalization required to safely operate the airstrip.

Huwayl Al Majaz

This is a 17 Km link road between two localities on the Batinah coast. Here also RRS carried out the laying of base course, the prime and tack coats, the wearing course, road marking, and road signage.

Madha Road

This is a challenging road built in a mountainous area to the standards fixed by the Ministry of Transport. The project included two major type A junctions and 11 Km of paved road.

Nimr Water Treatment Plant Road

This is a 23 Km road built on the Nimr oilfield. It is a simple asphalt road to connect the Nimr production station with the water treatment plant site. No street lighting was provided as traveling at night is prohibited on the oilfield.