Rawasi Road Services (RRS) was born in Oman in 2011 by bringing together the expertise, the experience, and adequate resources from their mother company Al-Taher Group. Since then we have built a good reputation of a company that delivers road projects without causing any harm to people or their health, without inflicting negative impact on the environment, within the contractual times, and in compliance with the specifications.

RRS have own plants to produce the various required materials particularly those needed for hot mix asphalt plants. We have acquired modern pavers equipped with sensors to ensure working within the tolerance. They are mobile and can operate in any part of Oman from Musandam to Dhofar.

It’s good to highlight the deep acquired knowledge of traffic management, particularly in urban areas. we are also well versed and experienced in the Royal Oman Police traffic and road diversion protocols, specifications, and safety guidelines.

We are quite experienced in the processes required to obtain permits from ministries and regional authorities. Of particular importance are the quarry permits.

RRS are committed to enhance In Country Value by recruiting and training national workforce and using locally manufactured products and SME services.

RRS are also aware for their Corporate Social Responsibilities, and many a time they extend free of charge the asphalt laying to school and mosques carparks.

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