Our Activities

Road Construction

RRS, specializes in the construction of the upper layers of a classical road. This comprises of the production of materials and the laying of Sub-base, Base course, Prime and Tack coats, Bituminous base course, and wearing course. On certain contracts they may carry out the final layers of embankment as well.

Ancillary Services

To ensure the safety of the road users, RRS can carry out road marking, safety barriers & guardrails, road signage, and road studs. It uses a group of trusted subcontractors to carry out street lighting and traffic lights. All of the above is carried in compliance the national highways standards and specifications.

Road Repair & Maintenance

The national road network in Oman is relatively young, however due to either extensive use or floods, the repair and maintenance activity is continuously growing. RRS are registered with Muscat Municipality to carry out road repair works. These works range from simple milling to re-asphalting and repairing the layers.


Often in rural areas, the road works include the construction of pedestrian walkways, large paved areas with interlocking stones, car parks, parade grounds, and road islands particularly on acceleration and deceleration lanes. RRS who work extensively on internal roads, can successfully undertake such works when required.


RRS have the expertise of handling modified bituminous products to be used on Airstrips, and high performing aggregates such as gabbro stone for the top layer. RRS also has the experience to carry out repair works on live runways within a short slot period of low air traffic.

On-Plot Roads

RRS are familiar with building access roads, peripheral roads, and internal roads on industrial, residential, and commercial plots. This applies from facilities on the Oil fields to Petrochemical plants, to camps, and to military compounds.